Saturday, July 25, 2009


Some more from Malmoe station and some cafe. And mom.



  1. These are great... I've been working in ballpoint pen in Moleskines for just this kind of drawing, and now you've got me wanting to work on tinted paper. Don't you get smearing with the Prismacolors? That's always been my problem with pencil for this kind of exercise.

  2. Hey TIm thanks for the kind words! Actually the prismacolors seem to sit pretty well, its the white chalk pencils that get everywhere... Ive taken to cut a bit of thicker stock paper to put underneath the pages when i draw on them, so they don't transfer to the other side. These Kraft paper sketchbooks are nice, but there is no real tooth oto them. I guess I could hit a page up with some fixative to provide some tooth, but meh, too much work! Man i gotta update this thing...

  3. Nice Sketches Tim :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, do you have any sketches from your trip to Toledo?:)